• Grilled Sandwich
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Grilled Sandwich

Serving - 1


Butter - 1 tablespoon

Sourdough bread - 2 slices

Cheddar cheese - to taste

Sliced tomatoes - to taste

Sliced onions - to taste

Basil leaves - to taste

American cheese - to taste

Salt - to taste

Grounded black pepper - to taste

* All ingredients can be adjusted to taste.


1. Heat a pan over medium heat. Add butter and once butter is melted, place a slice of bread on the pan.

2. Then add cheddar cheese, sliced tomatoes, sliced onions, basil leaves, salt, grounded black pepper and american cheese. Place the second slice of bread on top. Press lightly.

3. Cook about 2 minutes or until the bottom slice of bread is golden brown. Flip and cook for an additional 3 minutes.

4. Serve hot and enjoy.