• 6 Drinks With Hitkary Sharbats
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Hey Guys, In this everyday rise of Covid-19 cases and multiple lockdowns. I have got the perfect solution for you to beat this stress and get some relief from this scorching heat of summers, i.e., Hitkary Sharbats.


I have brought you 6 Easy Ways to Make Cool and Refreshing Mocktails using Hitkary Sharbats. And with the current scenario in mind, we have made 2 special Hot recipes that will give you a healthy dose of real goodness. They have more than 23 flavours such as Mango, Orange, Pineapple, lemon, Kaala khatta and many more to immune your body with all the nutrients it needs to beat this summer and lockdown. Their aromatic flavour will amaze your taste buds like never before.


So, what are you waiting for? Go Grab It Now!

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Mango Smoothie With Fresh Cream


Serving- 2



Chilled Curd - 250 grams

Fresh cream - 100 grams

Hitkary mazing mango syrup - 80 milliliters


(For garnish )

Chopped mangoes

Mint leaves



1. In a blender, add chilled 250 grams curd, 100 grams fresh cream and 80 milliliters hitkary mazing mango syrup.

2. Blend it to a smooth consistency.

3. Pour it in glass.

4. Garnish it with chopped mangoes and a spring of mint leaves.

5. Serve.



Lychee Dry Fruit Milkshake


Serving- 2



Almonds - 25 grams

Cashew - 25 grams

Pistachios - 25 grams

Milk - 100 milliliters

Cold milk  - 250 milliliters

Hitkary misty lychee syrup - 50 milliliters

Almonds- for garnish

Pistachios  - for garnish