• Pineapple Jam Roll
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Pineapple Jam Roll

Servings - 2


Bread slices

Pineapple jam

Pineapple chunks

Eggs - 2

Milk - 180 milliliters

Sugar - 1 tablespoon

Butter - 2 tablespoons


1. Take a bread slice and cut it all sides.

2. Flatten the bread slice with a rolling pin.

3. Spread pineapple jam over it. Place some pineapple chunks on top it.

4. Roll it tightly.

5. Take a dish, add 2 eggs, 180 milliliters milk, 1 tablespoon sugar and whisk it well.

6. Dip the bread roll in the egg milk mixture.

7. Heat 2 tablespoons butter in a pan, place the bread roll on the pan.

8. Cook till all the sides are golden brown.

9. Garnish with pineapple jam and pineapple chunks.

10. Serve.